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We offer a full range of service and maintenance equipment for your production

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Design work

Drawing of 3D models of equipment for the preparation of technical and design documentation on paper and electronic media.

Engineering services  

Services related to the reproduction of the customer's plans on the PC or the reproduction in the drawings of real spare parts even in case of its physical damage by analyzing the operating conditions.

Analytical and auditing  

The arrival of our specialists to the production and the object of the legal entity for independent analysis of operating conditions.

Automation and modernization  

Installation of modern controllers for your production capacities, which, in combination with sensors and automation devices, will multiply your profits by increasing production volumes.

3D printing (print)  

Reproduction in plastic models of your projects and manufacture of spare parts.

Assembly / Disassembly / Service  

The most common questions for entrepreneurs and enterprises are: who can transport the equipment competently? how to disable it? where is it possible to renew the lost documentation? how to get engaged in the dialogue with the manufacturer to get the right spare part and to minimize the costs by reducing downtime related to staff incompetence? We are ready to solve non-standard industrial tasks!

Repair work

Not all business can afford to have their own technical service, so we are offering you our services! We are ready to assume the service obligations in order to carry out repair works by installing quality components. We are responsible for guarantee obligations as early analysis is a key to avoiding downtime for equipment. At the time of maintenance, the necessary spare part is already in stock at your warehouse.

Metalworking / Welding and surfacing

Our equipment is ready to help you; we will carry out turning, milling, marking, grinding, welding, surfacing and other works. The advantage of our welding is that we carry it out in the medium of argon with modern additives. We perform our duties responsibly, so, if necessary, we conduct a chemical and spectral analysis so that the work done brings only a positive result.

The production of hydraulic and pneumatic parts 

You have probably already faced with the fact that each unit of technology has its own unique spare parts to wait for from the manufacturer for a long time. By means of engineering calculations, it is possible to pick up an analogue or to manufacture a necessary cylinder, a station, a tooling, etc. on our production capacities.

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