Individual equipment  - it is easy when your production needs standard lines or machines, although they sometimes have unbelievable prices. How to solve your problem within your budget, production space or even a unique location? It is possible only with the help of a qualified engineering manufacturing company.
Non-standard equipment - If you have planned something grandiose and new, then you will need equipment which is exclusively designed and manufactured in the way you need it!
Tooling for industrial use  -
even existing equipment can be improved by the installation of equipment that will increase the speed and convenience of its use.
Gears and toothed rings  - up to 12th module and up to 1200 mm in diameter.
Casting -
obtaining bronze and aluminium castings.
Hardening - high-frequency current hardening and bulk hardening.
Machine-building works   -
if you have a plan and know no one to implement it - contact us!
Mechanical parts and details  - we reproduce the originals by selecting the necessary material and ensuring the quality of processing.
Pneumatic cylinder  - our products are based on PASKAL and FESTO components; everything depends on the class and purpose.
Hydraulic cylinder  - 6 months warranty on new cylinders with high quality components.
Station - air, vacuum or oil station to your disposal. With us, you will receive products with correct calculations and a warranty of up to 2 years
Automation and control panels  - modernize the method and logics of control, install different types of sensors. Systems of counting and calculation of technological processes. Logical and industrial controllers for process automation. The winner is the one who reduces the share of manual work in their enterprises. Brand controllers - ETI, Siemens, and Schneider will be useful as they are often used in our practice.
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