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Розробки пов'язані з вторинним використанням матеріалів, утилізацією існуючих промислових відходів чи використання енергії з них у корисних цілях с збереженням довкілля.


Therefore, in particular, we have done some work on recycling waste tires, which makes an unlimited amount of heat and a chance to reuse the tool steel used for cord wire and carbohydrates that will give a new portion of energy. ​ We want to assure you that the manufacturing of construction materials based on the mixture of sand and secondary plastic gives excellent and ecological pavement, tiles and even bricks making sure that in the future similar materials will be used for making voluminous hollow blocks for the construction of roads. Have you ever been wondering how to use billion tons of unnecessary plastic? How about the idea of ​​fusing the secondary granulate in the sheets that will become light and excellent construction material? ​ Humankind is increasing in size and the amount of fresh water is diminishing every day. Some people are concerned with the problem, while we are looking for a solution and it makes us fundamentally different from our competitors. The realization of our plans will help avoid the lack of such vital needs as water and irrigated land on which agricultural crops can be grown. For a long time, we have been in search of interested investors who could make it is possible to build coastal plants for the distillation of ocean water or floating platforms that, being far from the shore, will be using solar energy every day in order to receive good quality drinking water for cities and settlements. Such project will be particularly relevant for arid regions with merciless sun and insufficient precipitation. The issues of the processing of excessive amounts of modern electronics are of significance too. Every day members of our society buy and use new gadgets, cars and even household appliances. Where are the old ones? They are thrown away to landfills and this is not the best way out. Our plan is to give a second life to plastics and metals used in the production of machinery.

Tire recycling or for the environment:
offers of companies "universal engineering solutions"

The amount of waste produced by mankind is growing every day and poses a great threat to the overall environmental situation, carries great damage to our own health. Extremely dangerous are wastes that emit hazardous toxic substances into the air and soil over a long period of decomposition. These types of waste require the use of a comprehensive system for their processing and disposal in order to  to minimize the harmful effects on the environment. To  This type of hazardous waste includes car tires.


In Ukraine, LLC "Universal Engineering Solutions" is one of the first companies that managed to implement  a line for processing car tires with high-quality separation of raw materials into steel cord, rubber crumb and textile fibers.


Supply and demand

The active development of the road transport system around the world and the spread of car use in our daily lives have led to a significant increase in the production of car tires, and thus to an increase in the number of used and unusable tires. Improper handling of obsolete tires can lead to general environmental degradation due to emissions of harmful substances such as sulfur, nitrogen and metal oxides. Today, the accumulation of "used" tires  landfills pose a great threat to Ukraine's ecology, and the experience of foreign countries shows that the processing of tires for secondary raw materials and their further use not only reduces the use of natural resources in industry, but also ensures the growth of economic development.



Every year around the world  millions of tons of tires that are no longer usable are thrown away. Most of them are stored in landfills, burned or buried in the ground. And only a small part of the tires can be recycled.


There are various possible ways in the world to reuse worn-out car tires - exporting waste to other countries, crushing tires into rubber crumbs for secondary use, obtaining thermal energy by pyrolysis, and so on. the team of LLC "Universal Engineering Solutions"


There are four main methods of recycling rubber tires:

  • restoration of old tires;

  • incineration;

  • pyrolysis;

  • grinding into rubber crumb or powder.

Restoring old tires is a relatively non-harmful and resource-saving method that is carried out  by overhaul.

But this method can not be applied many times, because it affects the quality of the tire and its safety. Therefore, this method cannot be a permanent and comprehensive method of solving this problem.


The method of burning tires for energy is actively used around the world. But this method is not safe enough for the environment, because during combustion in the air emit harmful chemicals - zinc, sulfur and others. When using this method requires clear control and minimization of the consequences of the process, the availability of high quality and expensive cleaning equipment. Therefore, the cost of this type of processing may exceed the income from the sale of energy and fuel.


Processing of tires by pyrolysis is the most environmentally friendly method, cost-effective and modern. The technology is based on the conversion of car tires into fuel by heating tires from 200 degrees to 600 in special boilers without access to oxygen. As a result of processing, modern pyrolysis gas, pyrolysis distillate, semi-coke, technical carbon or its mixture with heavy hydrocarbons are formed. Processing of tires by pyrolysis has a fairly high profitability. With the availability of high-quality equipment with a long service life, it is possible to obtain stable secondary raw materials, which has practical applications in many areas. tire recycling line.


Recycling used car tires into rubber crumbs is a simple and efficient way to dispose of them. This method retains all the physical and mechanical properties. Rubber crumb can be used as an additional mixture for concrete during construction; for adding to the road surface; to cover the roofs of buildings; for covering playgrounds, for making tiles, etc. edge bending machine


Ukrainian company LLC "Universal Engineering Solutions" invites all interested parties to cooperate, we manufacture equipment and production lines for the processing of car tires with their high-quality division into steel cord, textile fibers and rubber crumb

Serhiy Tryguba: “The world belongs to the brave

This expression is usually used when seemingly unrealizable dreams are realized. And it is good that there are people who are not afraid of challenges, set themselves seemingly vast goals. There are some among Lviv entrepreneurs. Serhiy TRIHUBA, an experienced engineer-inventor with dozens of implemented projects, is the owner of Universal Engineering Solutions. His company LLC "Universal Engineering Solutions" is, first of all, a team of highly qualified engineers in the field of design, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics. Among the advantages - the implementation of individual projects. But there are also ambitious plans - to raise the Titanic from the depths of the sea. Mr. Serhiy, what prompted you to take up such a global cause? For decades, humanity has been faced with the question of studying the depths of the sea and oceans, the study of the seabed, sunken ships and submarines, which have significant historical and material value.


It is known that the bottom of the seas and oceans are low temperature and high pressure. This greatly limits humanity's ability to explore the seabed. Mankind knows what is happening hundreds of thousands of kilometers from Earth in space, but we can not say for sure what lies nearby, at a depth of 5,000 meters or more on the seabed. early ages. From the point of view of engineering, knowledge of chemical reactions and proven and reliable facts, it is quite possible and realistic to raise them to the surface while fully preserving their integrity.


And yet, what was the premise of the idea?

Conclusions and evidence that the hull of the ship, which was on the seabed for a long time, is subject to deformation during lifting and may even be completely destroyed, are unreliable. They are based solely on misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the processes of deformation in the material or in a single structure due to the violation of its integrity. It has nothing to do with it  with the action of the components of sea and ocean water with the materials from which the ship is built. For example: based on this idea, it can be argued that the evidence that the Titanic will be completely destroyed in the near future by seawater, and its rise will lead to the complete destruction of the ship, is nothing more than a fabrication for the barbaric destruction of the liner to be able to get from it only fragments, knots and material values that are of interest to a certain group of people. This is not about raising it as a value of interest to humanity as a whole. And such an opportunity is a very real and feasible task.


Ltd.  "Universal engineering solutions" led by engineer and inventor Sergei Tryguba suggests not to fight with the forces of nature, and "take" nature from the allies? So. Hydraulic-based equipment that solves power problems and works well on the ground has limitations on high pressure and heating temperature. On the seabed, these restrictions will be lifted. Hydraulic cylinders capable of lifting 300 tons on the ground,  on the seabed capable of lifting 1,000 tons.

These calculations and opinions allow us to build equipment that will not only explore the sea and ocean floor without hindrance, but also allow to raise to the surface without damage such historically important units as the Titanic, the battleship Bismarck and many other ships.

However, it should be understood that such valuable artifacts can only be picked up under the clear control of a PLC (programmable logic controller). And the fact that the tandem of PLC and hydraulics helps to solve extremely complex problems has already been proven in practice by LLC "Universal Engineering Solutions".

In the case of lifting a sunken ship, the process must take place with a capture of at least 50 points to reliably preserve its integrity during the ascent to land. The company can confidently say that when implementing the range of tasks according to their drawings, all historically significant units can be raised to the surface intact.


Does the Company have relevant experience?

Among the most recent developments, Universal Engineering Solutions LLC has an idea and a 3D-simulated 3D version of the process of lifting sunken ships, historical artifacts and material values from the sea and ocean floor.



Yuriy Boyko

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